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Stays Accomodation

The purpose of the Stays Group is to provide standardised, high quality accommodation at an affordable price. Accommodation is usually situated at popular places and is usually accessible to most people. 

STAYS provides a very cost effective luxurious alternative for the business traveller as seventy percent of all our customers are business travellers.

STAYS provides the following services that are important to their customers:

Selection: STAYS has
several​​​​​​​ different roomsstandardised,

but different in size
​​​​​​​and comfort,

each with its own
unique décor,

swimming pool, and fax
and internet service

Selection: STAYS has several different rooms’ standardised but
different in size and comfort, each with its own unique décor, 
swimming pool, and fax and

internet service

Accessibility: All STAYS are

carefully selected for

accessibility and visible from main roads.

Customer service: STAYS

provides a personalized service,with high levels
of personal attention. 

Competitive Pricing: STAYS provides for accommodation
​​​​​​​at affordable prices relative to competition
in the Klerksdorp market.